Jan 18

ISO 9001:2008 certification

Technofot was certified according to ISO 9001:2008 in October 2011 following a cource of efforts on behalf of the company to secure the high quality of its services, an effort  which hasbegun with the certification ISO 9001:2000 back to 2008.

For more information on this issue, please follow this link.

Jan 15

Construction of the external signage of Sideral Shpk in Albania (member of Sidenor Group)

In the mid December of 2011, took place  the inaguration of the new subsidiary of Sidenor Group in Albania. Sideral Shpk is the new one-stop shop center for high quality construction materials from a wide range of steel products.

The brand new facility is located at the 24th km of the highway Tirana-Durres and occupies a total area of 55.000 sq. m. of which 8.500 sq. m are buildings.

Technofot has entirely undertaken the project of the external signage of the site , which was constituted mainly by large-scale illuminated signs with self-illuminated letters and the construction of  an illuminated pillar.

With this project, Technofot continues its export tradition following the cooperation with the IKEA Group in Sofia Bulgaria, earlier in the summer of the current year.

Additional photos of the above project, can be also be found here and here.

Jan 15

Tecnofot’s Project for Elais Unilever Hellas S.A. (Algida & EVGA)

Technofot undertook and succesfully delivered the project of the total coverage of over fifty (50) tracks-refrigerators of Ice Cream company’s product category  in North Greece with brands of EVGA & ALGIDA (Ben and Jerry’s, Carte D’ Or and Cafe’ Zero’)

This  project  signed the good past cooperation between the two companies regarding the full coverage of ALGIDA tracks.

By 2011 ELAIS-UNILEVER HELLAS S.A. acquired the historic Greek EVGA brand, ensuring thereby company’s dominant positions within the ice cream Greek market.

Additional photos  of the above presented project, you can also find here.