Jun 19

Outdoor Signs for the new corporate identity of the Victoria Insurance Company (Ergo)

Ιn Ergo Insurance Company was renamed the Victoria Insurance. The aim of the new brand is adopting a common brand that is now very recognizable.

At a press conference for the presentation of the new company President and CEO of ERGO in Greece, Mr. Kokkalas stressed that “this development, absolutely crucial for Victoria, brings it even closer to the values ​​and vision insurance group Ergo , one of the biggest German insurance groups in Europe and Asia. The ERGO is a new company with new name, new colors, new symbols, but rather a new understanding of how a modern, outward-looking insurance company to operate in the market and to communicate with members, partners, and operators adopting values ​​such as trust openness and closeness. ”

This new corporate identity is marked by the external signaling of the central branches and its insurance agencies which is undergone by Technofot for Northern Greece, having the first stores already delivered.

Jun 19

External Communication for the Ikea Store in Sofia, Boulgaria

After following the constant cooperation of two companies with the last stop the IKEA Store at Ioannina in September 2010, Technofot took on the external signage of a new branch in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The construction of the IKEA store in Sofia will be finished by the end of 2011. The store total area of ​​30,000 square meters will be the largest store Fourlis Group and is expected to attract over 1.6 million visitors the first year of operation.

The tower (IKEA Tower) was delivered in March and the award of the remaining outdoor communication  followed in May.