Apr 21

Technofot collaborates for “Aegeon” exhibition at Noesis!

An important exhibition takes place in the Science Center and Technology Museum “NOESIS” in Thessaloniki between 19/2 and 30/5. Through important exhibits, rich photographic material, reconstructions and audiovisual interactive presentations, the processes and results of land and sea forces that have affected the shape of the historic archipelago are presented, as well as the evolution of life in the area during the last millions of years.

The exhibition, beyond its scientific adequacy and educational character, aims to transmit to the visitor the power of the landscapes and the beauty of the Aegean Sea using contemporary ways of presentation, where exhibits, images and audiovisual presentations compose a strong visual and communicational tool, able to attract and impress a wider audience.

For the purposes of “Aegeon”, Technofot developed various special constructions made of metal banners  and illuminated installations with digital printing.